Every business needs video — -RIGHT? That’s what they all say – but why?

The easy answer is obvious – Statistically people watch videos, LOTS of VIDEOS.

Because they watch, there is an opportunity to message them. So yes EVERYONE needs video in order to capture a HUGE market segment.

But what don’t they tell you?

100 Million

hours of Facebook videos are watched every day

8 Billion

daily views for Facebook video


of total ad recall Is achieved In 10 seconds of Facebook video campaigns


You must have a STRATEGY or you’re burning MONEY!

 What story do the videos tell about you?

 What is the mapped-out marketing strategy that you are going to use to make $?

 Does the guy with the camera and editing software know your strategy?


You need a series of videos that feed a campaign.

 You must talk to different people with different messages at different times

 You need a series of campaigns with a series of creative

 You need to get Professional Photography and Video

Video – just like building a new website is not just about being pretty! It is about developing a tool that grows your business.

3 questions to ask any video production company you’re considering:

1. Can you tell me how my business will deploy these videos?

2. What different types of Videos are producing and what are the uses of those types?

3. How much help are you going to give me about the script and the content?

Next step is to schedule a brief phone meeting to check out what we are bringing to the table. NO OBLIGATION, nothing to lose, lots to gain!